“24” returns, still wants to know who you are working for

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For a show that has only been off the air a few years, 24 hasn’t aged particularly well in the minds of television viewers. Somewhat unintentionally, it turned out to be the perfect series for a nation in the midst of a War on Terror, but in the years since its end it seems to have faded into a distant memory. 24 left a considerable impact on the television landscape, and it influenced many of the series that came in its wake, but if you were to ask anyone now their favorite show of the last decade, my bet is very few will answer with this show. However, when it was on the air, 24 was massively popular, and it holds a place in my heart as one of the first so-called “grown up” shows I ever watched religiously. Starting around season four, I would sit down and watch as Jack Bauer and his CTU associates shouted and shot their way through another terrorist plot. At its best, there were few shows as unrelentingly tense as 24. Continue reading